Friendships are the day-to-day of Earth 2.0

In the time we live now, Earth 1.0, we talk about two types of living. The first is what we want to do with our lives on a grand story arc level. The second is what we do with our day-to-day moments.

Often those paint conflicting pictures. Why? Because the day-to-day has louder and more urgent sounding demands.

...Even though it's mostly just tantreming to get attention.

The day-to-day is concerned with making a living. Getting through our list of responsibilities. Go to work. Run errands. Keep the kids from putting each other in asylums for life. Keep the kids from putting you in an asylum for life.

What happens when those things are all taken care of?

In Earth 2.0 we won't have to worry about any material or emotional need. Granted, we will still pursue them and have to take action in order to get some things. But that low grade anxiety won't make any sense at all there. We'll finally have perfect trust in the Provider.

What will be our day-to-day focus then? I'm convinced we won't be bored. I'm convinced we'll still fill our daily lives with meaning.

Of course, the title of the post gives it away. Our daily focus will be deepening and discovering friendships.

Actually, that's what we're supposed to do now in Earth 1.0. If you think about it, just about every industry you can think of somehow exists to help us deepen our relationships.

Telecommunications? Obviously. Technology? Helps you get responsibilities done quicker so you have more time with people. Dishwasher, computer, remote control. (Of course we ruin it by just spending more time with more technology instead.)

Education? Helps you get a job. Why? So you can provide for your family. Why? So you can enjoy your relationships with each other and your family friends rather than begging or scrounging.

What about if you're single and you have a job to be able to afford a recreational lifestyle out in nature by yourself? Why do you go into nature by yourself? To find out what you're made of? To discover yourself? To be wrapped up in something bigger than yourself? To find inner peace? To encounter God's beauty?

At some point you'll need to come back and be with people and all of those things will serve to enhance your relationships. Eventually it comes back to that.

It all comes back to supporting the earthly thing that matters most: friendship with the Great Friend and his reflectors.

Once you realize this, it becomes absurd to get absorbed in the infrastructure supporting friendship at the expense of friendship itself.

Where is your focus today? Why are you doing your day-to-day? How are you spending it? How can you use (or even relax) your responsibilities to deepen your relationships today?

[pause and think]

(And don't forget, the purpose of friendship is to see God in each other.)

Post image captured from this youtube video.