Foundation: Two Loves at the Root of Everything You Do

The mind and body naturally act on what the heart loves.

For example, I have a desire to lose weight but I don't love exercise or health food as much as I love carby, sugary deliciousness. The reason it's so hard to lose weight is because I don't love the things that will help me accomplish it.

We typically have two kinds of loves that drive our daily lives:

  1. The ideal life we think will make us happy, and
  2. The easy comforts we run to when the ideal seems unreachable.

the ideal life

I have a pretty clear idea how I would finish the sentence, "I would be finally and fully happy if _________."

Essentially, how I answer that question is how I would design heaven if it were up to me.

At the root of our heart's deepest loves is a concept of heaven of our own invention.

The problem is, stretched out on an infinite scale any idea of heaven we come up with eventually becomes boring at best and hell at worst.

Only the real heaven is infinitely satisfying because only the real heaven is inhabited by an infinitely good God.

Something I want to explore more on this blog is how heaven can't be heaven at all without God in it.

easy comforts

For me, my ideal life centers around circumstances like being successful, having recognition, surrounded by certain people I care about, etc.

But when my hope for getting closer to that life gets taken away then I resort to physical pleasures like food, games, entertainment, sex, etc.

This too has a close relationship to our view of heaven. Heaven for us in this instance is a world in which we can indulge in these physical comforts without any feeling of guilt or regret.

Have you seen this in your life? On the one hand you have a desire to set up your circumstances in an ideal way, but there's a seemingly competing desire for immediate easy comforts that ends up opposing the first desire?

the third love

This is why I'm writing this blog: our view of heaven affects everything we do. And too often, we believe the real heaven is boring. Too often, I believe my idea of heaven is better than God's.

But that's absurd. How can a finite, tiny creature with 30 years experience create a better ideal world than an eternal God with unlimited creative power and infinite experience?

So when the Eternal Love came down as one of us, he spoke of a third love that would flip everything on its head. He spoke of a love not of ideal circumstances or easy comforts but of an Ideal Person. Thee Ideal Person.

Loving this Ideal Person will one day give us both ideal circumstances and easy comforts, but loving either or both of the two loves will, in the end, give us nothing.

I want to do everything I can to allow this new third love to grow. I hope you'll join me.